Bitterbush, Antelope - Purshia tridentata

Ethnobotanical Uses



"Klamath Cough Medicine Infusion of root taken for coughs. ---Paiute, Northern Anthelmintic Decoction of sun dried leaves taken for intestinal worms. Gastrointestinal Aid Decoction of sun dried leaves taken to vomit and move the bowels for stomachaches and constipation." (Moerman 456)

Other Uses:

"Navajo Clothing Bark used for diapers. Navajo, Ramah Mats, Rugs & Bedding Shredded bark used as bedding for cradleboards. Paiute Clothing Bark used to make moccasins. Navajo Hunting & Fishing Item Used to make arrows." (Moerman 456)