Paper Daisy - Psilostrophe tagetina

Ethnobotanical Uses


"Navajo, Ramah Analgesic Strong infusion taken for stomachache or as a cathartic. Ceremonial Medicine Cold infusion of leaves used as ceremonial eyewash. Dermatological Aid Infusion of plant used as lotion for itching. Gastrointestinal Aid Strong infusion of plant taken for stomachache Throat Aid Cold infusion gargled or poultice of leaves applied for sore throat. Zuni Snakebite Remedy Compound poultice of root applied with much ceremony to rattlesnake bite. (Moerman 451)

Other Uses:

"Dye - Apache, White Mountain Yellow Blossoms used to make a yellow dye. Keres, Western Yellow Boiled, crushed flowers used for yellow paint or dye. Zuni Ceremonial Items and Paint Blossoms used by personators of anthropic gods for painting masks and for coloring bodies yellow. (Moerman 451)