Zinnia, Prairie - Zinnia grandiflora

(Rocky Mountain Zinnia)

Ethnobotanical Uses

(Deer Canyon Folks.org)



"Keres, Western Kidney Aid Hot infusion of plant drunk for kidney trouble. Other Infusion of plant used as a bath for excessive sweating. Navajo Nose Medicine Plant used for nose troubles. Throat Aid Plant uses for throat troubles. Navajo, Ramah Analgesic Decoction of plant taken for stomachache, heartburn and as a cathartic.--- Zuni Dematological Aid Poultice of powdered plant applied to bruises." (Moerman 613-4)

Other Uses:

"Keres, Western Yellow Flowers, ground with white clay or mixed with warm water, used as yellow dye for wool. Flowers rubbed into buckskin as a yellow dye." (Moerman 614)