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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Farm Blog, Spring 2016

March 21 - June 20


This month was extremely windy here in Eldorado. The weather got up into the 60's on some days to go to the low 20's in others. The old apricot tree flowered and as usual the flowers were all frozen during the cold, windy nights. The other fruit trees are in various stages of bud swell and break. We planted seeds for the veggie garden in the sunroom and they are all coming up. They will be set out in the middle of May. In the flower garden the crocus, forsythia, winter blooming jasmine, daffodils, small white hyacinths and grape hyacinths are all or have flowered. Next month all the fruit trees should bloom and many of the perennials.


All of the fruit trees bloomed in April and May according to their blooming schedules. The nectarine, the Damson plum and most of the peach trees did not make fruit. The remaining Montmorency sour cherry tree did not come back after the winter. It had been diseased for a couple of years. The old apricot tree bloomed, but most of the blooms were killed by frost, however many of the lower branches do have some fruit. The perennial garden had lots of blooms. During the month there were lots of blooms on the grape hyacinths, tulips, plum tree, gooseberry and chives.


The vegetable plants were planted on the 4th when it was determined that we would have no more freezes. They were raised from Fedco seeds planted on March 20 (6 1/2 weeks old) in Cow Pots in our sun room. They included White Egg Turnip, Space Spinach, Jericho Romaine Lettuce, Astro Arugula, Ice-Bred Arugula, Fordhook Giant Chard, Green Lance Chinese Broccoli, Joi Choi Pac Choy, Vates Collards and Nero di Tuscana Kale. All of the veggies that were planted in the garden were eaten to the ground by either birds or mice. They were then mulched with straw to protect them and traps were set out at night to catch mice. Eleven tomato plants were set out on the 11th. They included Sungold, Paul Robson and SS100s.


Began picking English culinary lavender on June 15 to dry. Buena Vista, Royal Velvet, Hidcote, and Munstead. Also began picking sweet cherries. Planted green & yellow zucchini, padron & shishito peppers on the 20th.