Selling Your Home Grown Products at Your Local Farmer's Market

Factors to Consider (What you need to know)

• Visit a Farmer’s Market near you.

    1. What are the farmer’s selling?

    2. How are they setting up their stalls?

    3. Inquire about the rules and regs to sell there.

    4. What are the hours of the market?

What do you grow that you want to sell?

•How will you present your product?
•Will you need special packaging?

•Are there special rules/regs for selling your product? Permits, etc?

State, county, local  

    New Mexico Environment Department


Organic certification documents if applicable

      Farmer's Market/7.6.2 NMAC NM Food Regulations (01-01-2010)

      Santa Fe Farmer's Market Rules and Regulations   

•Will you need to provide tables, chairs, awnings? What is provided by the market? How will you set up your stall?

•How will you get your product to market? (car, truck, trailer)

•Concerns of the Market

•How do you go about selling at the market you choose?
–How much lead-time do you need to register to sell at the market?
–Where do you sign up for selling at the market?
–How much does it cost to rent a space?
–Do you have to sign up for each market or for a season?

•Paperwork and Taxation

•Federal income tax -Profit or Loss From Business (Sole Proprietorship)-Schedule C
•State income tax
•NM Business tax (Gross Receipts- CRS-1)
•City Business License
Special Health permits for certain food products


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