Clover, White Prairie - Dalea candida

(White Dalea)

Family: Pea (Fabaceae) - Native

On trail before #1 (N35D33'03.912 X W105D41'15.491)

Flowers first observed: 8/16/17

The Plant w/Flowers

The Flower


"Ecology: Found in grasslands, woodlands, openings in pine forest, and roadsides, from 3,000-8,000 ft (914-2438 m); flowers May-September. Distribution: The Great Plains and surrounding regions, from IN to MT and Saskatchewan, south to MS, TX, NM, and AZ." (SEINet)


"Perennial herbs, 30-100 cm tall, from a woody caudex; stems several, with ascending to spreading branches, glabrous and striate (with longitudinal stripes). Leaves: Alternate and pinnately compund, 3-5 cm long, with 5-9 leaflets per leaf; leaflets 1-3 cm long, oblong or linear-lanceolate to linear, the tips acute to mucronate coming to a short abrupt point); lower surface minutely gland dotted. Flowers: White, in cylindric clusters, 1-10 cm long, at branch tips; flowers about 5 mm long, with pea-flower morphology (papilionaceous), with a wide upper petal called the banner, two smaller lateral petals called the wings, and a boat-shaped lower petal called the keel which contains the style and stamens. Petals white; sepals 5, mostly glabrous, united at the base into a 10-ribbed tube about 3 mm long, this topped with 5 triangular teeth. Fruits: Pods small and contained within the persistent calyx; containing 1-2 seeds." (SEINet)

Ethnobotanical Uses


None specifically noted. However, Dalea sp. mentioned:

"Paiute Unspecified Species used for food." (Moerman 193)

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