Flax, New Mexico Yellow - Linum neomexicanum

Family: (Linaceae) - Native


On beginning of trail before incline and before #1 (N35D33'03.732 X W105D41'15.600)

Flowers first observed: 6/7/17

The Plant w/Flowers

The Flower


" Found in pine forests, from 4,500-9,000 ft (1372-2743 m); flowering June-September." (SEINet)


"Glabrous herb or shrub with slender, leafy stems, erect and branching, 20-45 cm tall, branches ascending at a narrow angle. Leaves: Narrowly oblong to linear, to 15 mm long, simple, sessile, mostly alternate. Flowers: Yellow, regular, perfect, borne in spike-like, elongate racemes, sepals and petals 5, sepals persistent, lanceolate or oblong-lanceolate, entire or with few teeth and marginal glands, petals deciduous, with 5 stamens, styles 2-5, distinct to the base. Fruits: Globose capsule with 4-10 valves." (SEINet)

Ethnobotanical Uses

None known

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