Four O'clock, Smooth Spreading - Mirabilis oxybaphoides

Family: (Nyctaginaceae) Native


At top of loop on trail between #6 and #7 (N35D33'12.107 X W105D41'24.587)

Flowers first observed: 9/12/17

Plant w/Flowers

The Flowers


"AZ, NM, s UT, s CO, w TX; south to n MEX." (SEINet)


"Perennial herb from a thick, fleshy root; stems ascending to decumbent, 20-120 cm long, forming mounds or tangled in other vegetation; stems puberulent in lines or throughout. Leaves: Opposite, on petioles 5-35 mm long; blade broadly triangular to ovate with a heart-shaped base, 1-8 cm long and almost as wide, fleshy; surfaces glabrous to pubescent or glandular. Flowers: Pink to purple, arranged in loose cymes at branch tips; each small cluster of 3 flowers surrounded by a cup-shaped involucre, 5-9 mm high, with 5 triangular lobes; petals fused into a bell-shape, 5-10 mm high, purplish to pale pink. Fruits: Achenes obovoid to spheric, 3 mm long, olive-colored to dark brown or black, often faintly marked with 5 shallow grooves; containing a single seed."

Ethnobotanical Uses

"Used to treat spider bites and dandruff; eaten as greens; used to make a tea." (SEINet)

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