Gourd, Buffalo - Cucurbita foetidissima

(Alabazilla, Chilicote, Coyote Gourd, Fetid Gourd, Fetid Wild Pumpkin, Missouri Gourd, Prairie Gourd, Stinking Gourd, Wild Gourd, Wild Pumpkin)

Family: (Cucurbitaceae)- Native


Several places along the trail (#6, #7, #8) (N35D33'11.741 X W105D41'24.671)

Flowers first observed: Male: 6/14/17 Female:


The Flowers



(Note fruit at base of flower)



"USA:  AR ,  AZ ,  CA ,  CO ,  FL ,  IA ,  IL ,  IN ,  KS ,  KY ,  MI ,  MO ,  NE ,  NM ,  NV ,  OH ,  OK ,  TX ,  UT ,  WI ,WY Native Distribution: Southern California to eastern Colorado; east to Missouri; south into Mexico. Native Habitat: Open areas on plains and deserts." (Wildflower.org)


"A malodorous plant with large, gray-green, triangular leaves growing along long,  prostrate stems. The plants are often 20-30 feet across, with rough, hairy leaves as much as 12 inches long. The large, bell-like flowers, 2-4 inches long, are yellow to orange, 5-lobed at the opening, with  stamens that have large anthers deep inside the throat. The globular fruits, about 4 inches across, are green-striped when young, maturing to tennis-ball size and turning yellow. The plant supposedly gets the name stink gourd from its foul odor." (Wildflower.org)

Ethnobotanical Uses


"Cahuilla Porridge Seeds ground into a flour and used to make mush. Isleta Fruit Fruit formerly used for food. ---" (Moerman 187)


"--- Isleta Pulmonary Aid Decoction of roots used for chest pains. Keres, Western Dermatological Aid Poultice of crushed roots applied to boils or other sores. Kiowa Emetic Decoction of peeled roots taken as an emetic. ---Tewa Laxative Infusion of pulverized root taken as a laxative. ---" (Moerman 187)

Other Uses:

"Apache, White Mountain Ceremonial Items Leaves ground and used as 'green paint' in making sand paintings. Cahuilla Ceremonial Items Dried gourds used to make rattles. Cooking Tools Dried gourds used to make ladles. Soap Root and pepo (fruit) useful as a soap and bleach. ---." (Moerman 187)

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