Perky Sue - Tetraneuris argentea

Family: Aster - (Asteraceae) - Native


In courtyard of convento to the south of #15 (N35D32'58.277 X W105D41'21.917)

Flowers first observed: 4/17/17

Plant w/Flowers

Petals turned back on old flower



"Found on roadsides, hillsides, open treeless areas, and edges of woods, from 5,000- 9,500. ---AZ and NM." (SEINet)


"Perennials, 6-25(-42+) cm. Caudices ± branched, branches notably thickened distally. Stems 1-8(-12), erect, leafy, ± branched distally. Leaves basal and cauline, entire, usually densely strigoso-canescent, ± gland-dotted; basal leaves tightly clustered, blades spatulate to oblanceolate; proximal cauline blades oblanceolate; mid blades oblanceolate to linear-oblanceolate, 2.5-5 mm wide; distal blades linear-lanceolate to linear. Heads 1-10(-30) per plant (1-7 per stem), borne singly or in paniculiform to corymbiform arrays. Peduncles 2-13.5 cm, usually densely hairy. Involucres (5-)7-10 × 8-15 mm. Outer phyllaries 8-11, 4-6.5 mm, margins 0-0.3 mm wide, usually scarious, abaxial faces densely hairy. Ray florets 8-14; corollas 11.8-17 mm. Disc florets 25-75(-100+); corollas yellow proximally, yellow or rarely purplish distally, 2.8-3.8 mm. Cypselae 2.4-3.1 mm; pappiof 5-6 obovate, aristate scales 2.1-3.5 mm. 2n = 30, 60. Flowering (Apr-)May-Aug(-Sep). Roadsides, hillsides, open treeless areas, edges of woods; (1500-)2000-2400(-3000) m; Ariz., N.Mex." (SEINet)

Ethnobotanical Uses


"Navajo, Kayenta Ceremonial Medicine Plant used in special ceremony for illnesses caused by lunar eclipse. Dermatological Aid Plant used as a lotion for eczema. Psychological Aid Plant used for dreaming of being bitten by an 'alligator.' Navajo, Ramah Disinfectant Plant used for 'coyote infection.' Gastrointestinal Aid Plant used for heartburn. Other Cold infusion taken and used as lotion for emergency treatment of injuries. Panacea Plant used as 'life medicine.' Witchcraft Medicine Plant used for protection from witches." (Moerman 554)

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