Phlox, Santa Fe - Phlox nana

Family: Phlox (Polemoniaceae) - Native


In front of Visitor Center (N35D33'00.989 X W105D41'10.332)

Flowers first observed: 6/7/17

Plant w/Flowers

The Flower


"Found on open rocky slopes, in the desert shrublands and woodlands; 3,500-5,000 ft (1067-1524 m); flowers April-June. Distribution: NW, s TX; south to n MEX." (SEINet)


"Taprooted perennial with 1-7 ascending to erect stems; stems 10-30 cm tall, with evident internodes. Leaves: Linear to narrowly lanceolate, flat, acute, 1-5 cm long, 1-4 mm wide, glabrous to pubescent, upper ones often glandular. Flowers: Terminal inflorescence with 1-3 flowers, pedicels sparsely to moderately glandular; calyx 11-18 mm long, membrane flat or wrinkled; corolla salverform, white to bright pink, tube 12-18 mm long, lobes 10-15 mm long, obtuse, stamens inserted on the middle of the tube; stigmas below most of the anthers. Fruits: Ovoid to ellipsoid capsule." (SEINet)

Ethnobotanical Uses

"Unknown, but other species in the genera have many uses." (SEINet)

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