Vervain, New Mexico - Verbena macdougalii

(Hillside Verbena, Spike Verbena)

Family: (Verbenaceae) - Native


On trail outside of Visitor Center (N35D33'03.431 X W105D41'11.370)

Flowers first observed: 8/4/17

Plant w/Flowers

The Flower


"USA:  AZ ,  CO ,  NM ,  TX ,  UT ,  WY 
Native Distribution: Southern Wyoming to Arizona, New Mexico, and western Texas. 
Native Habitat: Valleys and open flats at moderate or high elevations." (


"Harshly hairy plant with 4-sided stems, and thick, dense, long, erect spikes each with a ring of small, lavender to blue-violet bilaterally symmetrical flowers at one level. This species resembles members of the mint family, but lacks the aromatic odor. There are several species of tall Verbena, with thick or slender spikes of flowers, that are usually not easy to distinguish from one another. New Mexico Vervain has relatively thick spikes; it is common in the southern Rocky Mountain region." (

Ethnobotanical Uses


"Navajo, Ramah Ceremonial Medicine Plant used in various ceremonial ways as a lotion and fumigant. Febrifuge Cold infusion taken and used as a lotion for fever." (Moerman 592)

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