Verbena, Purple - Glandularia bipinnatifida

(Purple Prairie Verbena, Prairie Verbena, Dakota Vervain, Dakota Mock Vervain, Moradilla)

Family: Verbena (Verbenaceae) - Native


1. In 2nd Kiva beyond #6 (GPS-N35D33'07.098 X W105D41'26.591)

2. Clusters throughout the park trail and at the church #11

Flowers first observed: 3/20/17

The Plant w/Flowers

The Flowers


"USA:  AL ,  AR ,  AZ ,  CA ,  CO ,  GA ,  IN ,  KS ,  KY ,  LA ,  MD ,  MO ,  MS ,  NE ,  NM ,  OK ,  SD ,  TN , TX  WI ,  WY 
Native Distribution: South Dakota south through Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas through Mexico to Nicaragua, east through Arkansas and Louisiana to Alabama 
Native Habitat: Common in open grassy areas. Widespread throughout most of the state of Texas. Well-drained sand, loam, clay, caliche, limestone." (


"The bilaterally symmetric, pale purple/pink flowers of glandularia bipinnatifida have five lobes arranged around a whitish center, resembling some phlox species, but occur as a rounded cluster at the top of quite a tall stalk, up to 18 inches high, though in some areas the plant stays rather closer to the ground. The tip of each lobe has a notch in the center; underneath are five sepals. Leaves and stalk are covered by relatively prominent, whitish hairs, as are the reddish bracts that subtend the flower cluster. Flowers have a long season, as the plant produces new blooms continuously during spring and summer." (American

Ethnobotanical Uses


"Keres, Western Snakebite Remedy Leaves crushed with rocks and rubbed on snakebites Throat Aid Infusion of leaves used as a gargle for sore throat."(Moerman 248)

"Vervain is broadly active medically, serving as a sedative, diaphoretic, diuretic, bitter tonic and antispasmodic. It is one of the best palliatives for the onset of a virus cold, particularly with upper respiratory inflammation. It will promote sweating, relax and soothe, allay feverishness, settle the stomach, overall producing a feeling of relaxed well-being. --- The tea is an effective sedative for insomnia and, like Hops, will settle a nervous stomach. In treating sprains and deep bruises, the tea will aid in reabsorption of blood from the ruptured tissues, two or three cups a day for at least three or four days.---" (Moore 160)

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