Vetchling, Bush - Lathyrus eucosmus

(Bush Peavine)

Family: Pea - (Fabaceae) Native


On right side of trail between Visitor Center and #1 (N35D33'04.362 X W105D41'12.060)

Flowers first observed: 8/25/17

Plant w/Flowers

The Flowers


"Found in drier habitats (pinyon/juniper woodland and the like) than most other Lathyrus, in much of the southwestern United States." (


"A low-growing Lathyrus with tendrilled leaves." (

Ethnobotanical Uses


"Navajo, Kayenta Gynecological Aid Plant used to remove placenta. Navajo, Ramah Disinfectant Cold infusion taken and used as a lotion for 'deer infection'. Veterinary Aid Cold infusion used as lotion on horses for swellings or injuries." (Moerman 298)

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