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Pollen Images from the Hives

Pollen images are 400X viewed with a ProScopeHR

Collected 4/16/12 (all 28µm)

Braeburn Apple?


Collected 4/29/12 (all 35µm)

Apache Plume, Granny Smith Apple, Sour Cherry?


Collected 5/6/12 (all 25µm)


Collected 5/28/12 (all 28µm)


Collected 6/4/12

(lg=52µm/ sm=31µm)

Lg=NM Rainbow Cactus, Sm=Trumpetvine,


Collected 7/3/12 (all 26µm)


Collected 7/17/12 (all 33µm)


Collected 7/17/12 (lg.=43 µm; med=34µm; sm=26 µm)


Both collected 8/13/12 (27µm)


Collected 8/28/12 (27µm)


Collected 9/10/12 (24µm)


Collected 9/24/12 (31µm)


Collected 10/9/12 (162µm)


Collected 10/22/12 (168µm)


For more detailed information on each plant that has been collected go to the Eldorado Windy Farm Plants Blooming Table or Wild Plants in Eldorado Blooming Table page.