Hummingbird Mint (Hyssop) - Agastache cana

(Oregano de la Sierra, Wild Oregano, Osweo Tea, Wild Bergamot, Horsemint, Texas Hummingbird Mint)

Ethnobotanical Uses

Agastache pallidiflora ssp. neomexicana var. neomexicana

(New Mexico Giant Hyssop)


"Acoma Spice Leaves used for flavoring. Apache Staple Used as one of the most important foods. --- Keres, Western Spice Leaves mixed with meat for seasoning. (Moerman 52)


"Navajo, Ramah Ceremonial Medicine Plant used in ceremonial chant lotion. Cough Medicine Plant used for bad coughs. Dermatological Aid Dried, pulverized root used as dusting powder for sores or cankers. Disinfectant Plant used as fumigant for 'deer infection.' Febrifuge Plant used as a fever medicine. Witchcraft Medicine Plant used to protect from witches." (Moerman 52)