Blanketflower - Gaillardia aristata

(Firewheel, Sunburst)

Ethnobotanical Uses


"Blackfoot Soup Flower heads used to absorb soups and broth." (Moerman 241)


"Okanagan-Coville Analgesic Flowers used to 'paint' the body for pain. Kidney Aid Decoction of plant taken for kidney problems. Orthopedic Aid Poultice of mashed plant applied for backaches. Venereal Aid Infusion or decoction of whole plant used as a bath for venereal disease." (Moerman 241)

Other Uses:

"Blackfoot Cooking Tools Flower heads served as spoons for the sick and invalid. Waterproofing Agent Flower heads rubbed on rawhide bags for waterproofing." (Moerman 241)