Spreading Fleabane Daisy - Erigeron divergens

Ethnobotanical Uses



"Navajo Gynecological Aid Infusion of plant taken by women as an aid for deliverance. --- Navajo, Kayenta Analgesic Plant used as a snuff for headaches. --- Navajo, Ramah Ceremonial Medicine Plant used ceremonially in several ways. --- Disinfectant Cold infusion of plant taken and used as a lotion for 'lightning infection.' Eye Medicine Cold, compound infusion of plant used as an eyewash. Panacea Root used as a 'life medicine.' Snakebite Remedy Compound used for snakebites.--- (Moerman 218)

Other Uses:

"Kiowa Good Luck Charm Plant considered an omen of good fortune and brought into the home. --- (Moerman 218)