Horseweed - Conyza canadensis

(Pazotillo, Canadian Fleabane, Mare's Tail)

Ethnobotanical Uses



"The Zuni Indians crush the rays of its blossoms between their fingers and insert them into their nostrils to cure rhinitis." (Moore 133)

"Spanish New Mexicans maiden are a swarthy breed, living in a sunbaked land, and therefore on of their highest aims is the possession of a clear white complexion. Although I have been unable to find many herbal methods which accomplish this, one effort consists in mashing, then soaking pazotillo leaves in water, and rinsing the face with the strained liquid. After this has been allowed to dry, a coat of powder may be applied. (Moore 133)

"Hopi Analgesic Poultice of rubbed plant applied to temples for headache. --- Keres, Western Burn Dressing Crushed plant rubbed on sunburns. Dermatological Aid Plant beaten into a paste and rubbed on the skin for blotches or liver spots. ---Navajo, Ramah Dermatological Aid Poultice of crushed leaves or cold infusion used as a lotion for pimples Snakebite Remedy Cold infusion taken or used as lotion for snakebite." (Moerman 173-4)