Indian Paintbrush - Castilleja integra

(Painted Cup, Squaw-feather)

Ethnobotanical Uses



"Navajo Burn Dressing Plant used for burns. --- Gastrointestinal Aid Infusion of crushed leaves taken for stomach troubles. --- Navajo, Ramah Blood Medicine Compound decoction of root used to 'clean out the blood' after internal injury. Burn Dressing Poultice of leaves applied to burns. Gynecological Aid Decoction of leaf taken during pregnancy to keep baby small, for easy labor. --- " (Moerman 143)

Other Uses:

"Apache, White Mountain Unspecified Root bark used with other substances to color various kinds of skins, especially deerskin. --- Zuni Black Root bark used with minerals to color deerskin black. ---" (Moerman 143)

"Jemez Preservative Dried bracts mixed with chile seeds to prevent spoilage during storage. --- Keres, Western Ceremonial Items Plant held by women for decoration during the harvest dance. ---" (Moerman 143)