Morning Glory, Bush - Ipomoea leptophylla

Ethnobotanical Uses

(Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center)


"Arapaho (Cheyenne, Kiowa) Starvation Food Root roasted for food when pressed by hunger". (Moerman 275)


"Keres, Western Gastrointestinal Aid Infusion of staminate cones used as a stomach tonic. --- Lakota Gastrointestinal Aid Root scraped and eaten raw for stomach troubles." (Moerman 275)

Other Uses:

"--- Lakota Fuel Roots used in place of matches. It is said that in olden days when there were no matches they used to start a fire in the root, wrap it up, and hang it outside. The fire would keep for 7 months." (Moerman 275)