Penstemon - Penstemon sp.


Ethnobotanical Uses

Evergreen Shrubs/Sub-Shrubs

Penstemon, SILVERTON Bluemat - Penstemon linarioides subsp. coloradoensis 'PO14S'



"Navajo, Ramah Gynecologial Aid Decoction of plant taken early in pregnancy to insure birth of female child. Decoction of plant taken to facilitate labor and delivery of placenta." (Moerman 384)

Penstemon, Pineleaf - Penstemon pinifolius

Plant w/Flowers

Penstemon, Bridges' Beard tongue - Penstemon rostriflorus

Plant w/Flowers



"Kawailsu Orthopedic Aid Poultice of mashed roots applied to swollen limbs."(Moerman 385)

Penstemon, Sidebells - Penstemon secundiflorus

Plant & Flowers

Herbaceous Perennials

Penstemon, Scarlet Bugler - Penstemon barbatus



"Navajo, Ramah Analgesic Decoction of root taken for menstrual pain and stomachache. Burn Dressing Cold infusion or powdered plant applied to burns. Cough Medicine Decoction of plant taken for cough. Dermatological Aid Poultice of root applied to swellings, gun wounds, and arrow wounds, a 'life medicine.' (Moerman 383)

Penstemon, Cardinal - Penstemon cardinalis


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