Serviceberry, Utah - Amelanchier utahensis

(Juneberry, Shadberry, Sarvisberry, Saskatoonberry, Shadblow)

Ethnobotanical Uses



"Warning: The leaves and pits contain poisonous cyanide-like compounds. Cooking or drying destroys these toxins." (Kershaw 69)

"Abnaki Fruit Fruit used for food. --- Carrier Dried Food Berries dried for winter use." (Moerman 69)

"The flavor is not real strong, but is good mixed with other fruits in jams, pies, smoothies, fruit compote, fruit leather, dumplings and pemmican. May be dried for preservation." (Seebeck 81)


"Navajo Emetic Plant used as an emetic. Shoshoni Eye Medicine Decoction of inner bark, sometimes with roots, used as drops for snow-blindness." (Moerman 69)

"Saskatoon juice was taken to relieve stomach upset and was boiled to make ear drops. Green or dried berries were used to make eye drops, and root tea was taken to prevent miscarriage." (Kershaw 69)

Other Uses:

"Coeur d'Alene Tools Wood used to make root diggers. --- Shasta Hunting & Fishing Item Young shoots used to make arrows." (Moerman 69)

"These hard, strong, straight branches were a favorite material for making arrows, spears and pip stems. They were also used for canes, canoes (cross-pieces), basket rims, tipi stakes and tipi closure pins. The berry juice provided a purple dye."(Kershaw 69)