Russian Thistle, Prickly - Salsola tragus


Ethnobotanical Uses



"Havasupai Forage Young plants eaten by horses. --- Navajo Unspecified Roasted seeds used for food. --- Sprouts boiled and eaten with butter or small pieces of mutton fat. Vegetable Very young, raw sprouts chopped into salads. --- Navajo, Ramah Fodder Young plants used for sheep and horse feed. ---" (Moerman 509)


"Navajo Dermatological Aid Poultice of chewed plants applied to ant, bee, and wasp stings. --- Navajo, Ramah Dermatological Aid Infusion of plant ashes used internally and externally for smallpox. Misc. Disease Remedy Infusion of plant ashes taken and used externally for smallpox and influenza. ---" (Moerman 509)