Velvetweed - Gaura mollis (parviflora)

Ethnobotanical Uses



"Navajo, Keyenta Unspecified Roots stewed with meat or roasted and used for food. ---" (Moerman 245)


"Hopi Snakebite Remedy Decoction of root taken for snakebite. --- Isleta Dermatological Aid Fresh, soft leaves worn as a headband for their cooling effect in hot weather. --- Keres, Western Febrifuge Leaves used in pillows to overcome insomnia. --- Navajo Burn Dressing Infusion of plant used for burns. Dermatological Aid Infusion of plant used for inflammation. --- Navajo, Kayenta Disinfectant Plant used as a fumigant. Gynecological Aid Poultice of plant applied for postpartum sore breast. --- Zuni Snakebite Remedy Fresh or dried root chewed by medicine man before sucking snakebite and poultice applied to wound. --- (Moerman 244)

Other Uses:

"Navajo Protection Plant used to keep the dancers from burning themselves during the Fire Dance at the Mountain chant. ---." (Moerman 245)