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Farm Blog, Spring 2013

March 21 - June 20

May 24 - June 1

Bees - One really strong hive and one very weak one left. I don't think the weak one will make it much longer, but the strong one should do well. I put some crystalized honey in both hives, since there is still not much blooming.

Lavender - There are only 11 lavender plants left in the lavender garden from last year and those are very spindly. I cut them back and planted 11 of the Buena Vista that were started for me at the Purple Adobe Lavender Farm from my cuttings last fall. I consider this to be year one with my lavender! It seems that after about 5 years the plants get very woody and are succeptable to freezing.

Vegetables - All of the veggies that were planted in the garden are doing well and the Pac Choy will be ready to eat this next week. Most of the pepper and tomato plants that were planted have been eaten by mice. I am putting out traps, but not much left of the plants.

Flowers - Many of the flowers are beginning to bloom in the garden. Many of them had to be cut back from the freeze, but there are a lot that are coming back from the roots.

May 13 - 23

Bees - I moved a topbar of brood from the older strong hive to each of the weaker ones. One of the weak hives finally completely died. Now I have one strong one and one weak one. I caught a small swarm on a juniper tree close to my hives. I think it was from my strong hive. I put it into a box and transfered it to an empty hive. The next morning they had left! Guess it was too close to the one they had left.

Lavender - I cleaned up all of the lavender plants. There are 12 left in the lavender bed that are still alive eventhough some of them look still look dead. They are producing new leaves from the base of the plants.

Vegetables - All of the "babies" were planted into the garden. Purchased several herb plants to be planted in barrels. Tomatoes and peppers were also planted.

Flowers- The salvias and catmint are beginning to bloom. Both of these are good plants for the bees! Others are beginning to show some growth from the winter dormacy.

May 7

Bees - Two hives are very weak, but the older hive is doing quite well. I plan to move some brood over to the weak ones to see if their numbers can recover.

Vegetables - The veggie babies are ready to plant into the vegetable garden. Onions and garlic are coming up nicely.

Fruit trees - Last year's bumper crop of fruit will not be continued this year. The late frosts killed all of the flowers except a few of the pears and the sour cherries. The apricots did not even bloom and the others were very sparce.

Flowers - All of the flowers that bloomed earlier were killed by the frosts. We are looking forward to the warmer weather plants to begin their blooming cycles.

March 29

Bees - Checked the bees. Removed the winter styrofoam covers. Colonies in hives #4 & #5 are very weak. I don't think they will be able to build up to the numbers they need to make it into the spring. Quite a few dead ones in #5. Those in hive #2 seem to be thriving. They have plenty of honey, lots of capped brood and are bringing in pollen.

Vegetables - The "babies" in the Cow Pots in the sunroom are doing well. Garlic in the garden is all leafing out and some of the seeds have sprouted in the raised covered garden. Many of the herbs are showing some green as well.

Flowers - The winter jasmine is still in bloom, as well as the white hyancith. The forsythia bushes are beginning to bloom, some daffodils and many of the grape hyacinth.