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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Farm Blog, Summer 2017

June 21 - September 20


June is the hottest and driest month in the Santa Fe area. It rains very infrequently and everything planted must be watered regularly or it will not survive. This year it we only had one good rain and two little showers. The daytime temperatures were in the 90's most of the month. Everyone waits for the July monsoon rains! The two Mishirasu Asian pear trees and the Centennial crabapple had to be removed. Weekly watering of the others kept them alive, but none are thriving. The Granny Smith , Gala apple, and Braeburn apple all have some fruit, as well as the sour cherry, old Damson plum, old peach, Everfresh Angelys Anjou #7 pear, and Luscious pear although the trees do not look as good as they could had they had more water.

In the vegetable garden many of the tomato plants, peppers, eggplants, zuccini and yellow squash plants are beginning to grow with the heat and extra watering. None of the leafy greens survived the quail and the mice.


Monsoon started the second week of July. Monsoon rains come from the south instead of from the north or west. If we have a good season there will be rain around the area every evening until the end of August. Rains are beginning all around the state and some locally. However, not all fall on Eldorado Windy Farm! Water bill will be high!