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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Farm Blog, Summer 2015

June 21 - September 20

July 1

Checked both hives of bees. Both doing well. Split hive has 11 bars of brood and other has 10. Both queens are from the same split hive from across the street. Her brood is very compact in both hives.

Veggie garden is doing well. Caught the mice that were eating the seedlings. Pulled up the lettuce that was left since it was beginning to flower. Other greens doing well. Picking some to eat almost every day. The greens are: spinach, chard, boc choy, broccoli, kale (2 kinds, beets, and collards. The arugula is flowering. Small yellow tomatoes beginning to ripen. Squash plants putting on first true leaves.

Picked most of the lavender. English varieties ready about 3 weeks before the Grosso and Provence. Also picked tarragon, thyme, oregano and marjoram to dry. Parsley is going to seed. Will pick dill to freeze.

Fruit trees putting on new growth. Having to water every 10 days or so. Picked 18 cups of sour cherries so far. Wil have many more in the week to come. A few apples and a couple of Asian pears. Nothing else. Picked some currents as well.

Cactus has all bloomed as has all the catmint and salvias. About 3/4 of all plants in the flower garden have bloomed.